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Posted by Carl Finney on November 3rd, 2022 1:17 PMLeave a Comment

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Has anyone else noticed the 70% plus drop in refis, with purchases tapping breaks? It’s ama
zing how quickly things can change when the government stimulus train rolls away. Rates topping 6%. Numbers I haven’t seen in years. While only a few weeks ago rates were still at historic lows. Can this happen without any consequences that could harm our largest assets? From past experience, not a chance!


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Denver agents, what a wonderful opportunity to attend to Paul Luchau's class on Unique Financing and Market Principles. Paul is a great teacher and helps so many with strategic financial planning and wealth growing principles.

Brought to you by Michael at Fidelity National Title and joined be my favorite LO ever! Missy Santasiero with Geneva Financial Home Loans.

Having the right professional financial advisor is imperative to your long term financial goals and retirement. Do you still have to send kids to college? I do, and I started too late! From an individual standpoint we all have different needs, single, divorced or married with kids Paul can tailor a plan to meet those needs. 
And I am extremely interested to hear his take on real estate and how big of a role homeownership plays in growing wealth. And what exactly is wealth? It's an interesting question as I'm sure means something different to each of us. 

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May 24th, 2020 5:42 PM

Despite this April’s drop of 13% in new Single Family Home listings, compared to those of April of 2018, which may be attributed to the pandemic and lockdown orders from State and City officials, Denver’s housing market appears to be weathering the storm. Personally, I tip my hat to Colorado Governor Jared Polis and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock for their leadership throughout this crisis.

The rise in Denver home values that started in 2011 and began to taper off in mid 2018, continues to hold stable through uncertain times. 

As we near the end of May and many of us are cautiously observing the holiday weekend, stability is a welcome sight.  I’m happy to live in this city one mile above the sea, where I am one person within a diverse community that respects each other's health and safety, as we all work together, I have no doubt that we will come out this pandemic stronger than before!  

The statistical information provided is based upon the median closed sales prices of single family homes throughout the entire city. Each neighborhood and sub market experiences different ups and downs and highs and lows. If you would like more information about your neighborhood or property please visit us at and one of our market experts will be happy to help.


Carl Finney

Chief Appraiser  

Mountain High Appraisals, LLC

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