Welcome to Mountain High Appraisals, LLC, a company conceived and built by appraisers for appraisers. Our vision was simple. Create a platform and space where like-minded professionals can come together as a true group and share ideas, resources, and tools with the central feature being a first class and well trained support staff so professional appraisers can focus only on the actual task of the valuation of real estate. Any task that is not related to the valuation process and is not considered significant appraisal assistance is processed by the heart of the company, the support staff. Patricia is the operations manager, Amy is our licensed Real Estate Agent whose duties include operations, data analysis, and client relations, and Mylene is our primary data entry specialist with assistants. They allow us to work efficiently and therefore increasing our hourly earnings and volume, while maintaining our individual independence and augment our appraisal practice.

We are a group of professional licensed and certified real estate appraisers. We are valuation professionals not administrators or form-fillers. We focus solely on data analysis, market areas and their trends, comparable selection, and forming a credible and accurate opinion of value for the clients of Mountain High Appraisal, LLC using the appropriate approaches to value. Our dedication to our clients is demonstrated by a superior work product when our sole focus is the valuation of real estate and eliminating administrative tasks.

The group at Mountain High Appraisals, LLC highly encourages licensed appraisers seeking to become certified to reach out and join our group, to learn how to appraise efficiently based on a modern and effective business model. Please reach out and send your resume to info@mountainhighappraisals.com for more information and to see if you’re the right fit.


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